About Me

Meet Ostap Prinda, the dynamic founder who becomes the life of the party as the Polar Bear. Hailing from Ukraine, Ostap’s energy and contagious smile have been the driving force behind our unique entertainment concept. For him, the best energizer is not just the thrill of the dance floor or the rush of a snowboarding descent—it’s seeing the smiles of satisfied clients light up a room. When he’s not dazzling crowds as the Polar Bear, Ostap can be found indulging in his hobbies: dancing, snowboarding, and playing volleyball. Beyond his talents and passions, Ostap embodies a spirit of joy, dedication, and creativity, making every event an unforgettable experience.

Ostap Prinda

Project founder, Art Director

Charismatic and perpetually upbeat, Yurii stands as the true heart of our company. His uncanny ability to connect with just about anyone makes him invaluable in client relations. Yurii deeply understands each client’s unique needs, effortlessly tailoring the best options to bring their visions to life. He always ensures that every moment of the show unfolds safely and at the highest standard. In his downtime, Yurii is passionate about football, enjoys music, and keeps fit through regular fitness routines.

Yurii Smal

Vice President, Event Manager

Our Awesome Team​

Oleksandra Hryhorash

Editor Videographer

Anhelina Biletska

SMM Manager

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